How do I create a text box with columns in Publisher 2010?

Right-click on the text box that you want to change. Then, click FORMAT TEXT BOX. Click the TEXT BOX tab, and then click COLUMNS. Select the number of columns you want in the NUMBERS box. Click OK twice.

How do I create a Drop Cap formatting style to emphasize the first word in a paragraph?

The Dropped Capital Letter formatting style, also known as Drop Cap, is usually used for the first letter of the word beginning a paragraph. To create a drop cap, click anywhere in the paragraph you want to change. Click DROP CAP from the FORMAT menu. Click the DROP CAP or CUSTOM DROP CAP tab. Then, select the options you want. The custom style is added to the available drop caps list on the DROP CAP tab, when you create a custom drop cap.

Can a story that begins in a text box on one page in a newsletter continue throughout text boxes across multiple pages of the newsletter?

Yes. You can connect the text boxes of the story so the text will flow from one text box to another, even across multiple pages. Create at least two text boxes. Click in the text box you want to be the first text box in the story. Click CREATE TEXT BOX LINK from the CONNECT TEXT BOXES toolbar. The mouse pointer will change to a pitcher. Click in the text box you want to be the next in the story. This text box is now connected to the first box and any text in the overflow now appears in the next box. To connect more text boxes to the story, add new text boxes to your newsletter and click the CREATE TEXT BOX LINK as you navigate from one text box to another.

How do I change the margins inside a text box?

Right-click on a text box, and then click FORMAT TEXT BOX. In the dialog box, click the TEXT BOX tab. Type or select the margins you want for Left, Right, Top, and Bottom from the TEXT BOX MARGINS. Then, click OK.

How can I change the default tab stop in a text box?

Click in a text box. Click TABS from the FORMAT menu. Enter the distance that you want between tab stops in the DEFAULT TAB STOPS box. Click SET for each new tab stop distance, and then click OK. All new text boxes created in the publication will use these tab stops.