How do I perform the basic functions of Microsoft Excel, such as Open, Save, and Print?

Click FILE on the upper left-hand corner. Under the FILE Menu, you will find the main Excel functions, such as: SAVE, SAVE AS, OPEN, CLOSE, NEW, and PRINT.

Is there a way to create shortcuts to these Excel functions?

Yes. Just above the HOME button is the QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. You can customise this toolbar to display the shortcuts that you most frequently use from the list provided. If you click on the small down arrow on the edge of the toolbar, a list of the most common shortcuts are displayed. You can choose shortcuts from this list or if you want a more in-depth selection, click on the MORE COMMANDS option. You can then add more shortcuts from the window that pops up.

What is the Ribbon?

The Ribbon runs along the top of the application window and is the replacement for the menus and toolbars that were commonplace in previous versions of Microsoft Excel. The Ribbon has several tabs and each tab has its own groups of commands. The HOME tab is where the most common Excel formatting takes place, such as changing fonts, paragraph alignment, and line spacing. But if, for example, you wanted to insert a graphic or table into your document, you would click on the INSERT tab.

How do I hide or show the Ribbon?

Hold down the CTRL key and press the F1 key to toggle the display of the Ribbon.

How can I save my files to make sure they are compatible with older versions of Excel?

If you would like to save your file in a format that is compatible with earlier versions of Office, click the FILE button. Choose SAVE AS and select EXCEL 97-2003 from the SAVE AS TYPE drop-down.

How do I get help within Excel?

Press the F1 key to open the Microsoft Help Application.

How do I run a Spelling and Grammar check on my spreadsheet?

Click on the REVIEW tab. Then, click on the SPELLING button within the PROOFING command group. The Spelling dialogue box will be displayed when a misspelled word is encountered. You can manually correct the word, replace it from the list of suggested words, ignore it, or add the word to the custom dictionary.

How do I resize a column?

To change the width of one column, drag the boundary on the right side of the column heading until the column is the width that you want.

To change column(s) to adjust the width automatically based on the contents, select the column or columns that you want to change. From the HOME tab, click FORMAT from the CELLS group. Click AUTOFIT COLUMN WIDTH under CELL SIZE.

How do I wrap the text within a cell?

Select the cells that you want to format. From the HOME tab, click WRAP TEXT from the ALIGNMENT group.

I can’t find a feature that I used in Excel 2003 or Excel 2007, how do I find it?

Microsoft has developed an interactive referencing guide to help you find your favorite Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 commands in Excel 2010. With this guide, you can point your mouse to an Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 menu or button and see where that feature is now located. You can also use the HELP feature to find out how to do a specific task in Excel 2010.

How do I add a new worksheet?

Click the INSERT WORKSHEET tab next to the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen to add a new worksheet.

How do I delete a worksheet?

Right-click on the sheet you want to delete. Then, select DELETE from the contextual menu that appears.

How do I rename a worksheet?

Double-click on the sheet tab for the worksheet you want to rename. Type a new name for the worksheet and press ENTER.